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the anachronist

Songs in the key of bluegrass apocalypse. Because hey, I have a thing for scary Americana.

1. it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding) | the duhks
darkness at the break of noon
shadows even the silver spoon
the handmade blade, the child’s balloon
eclipses both the sun and moon
to understand you know too soon
there is no sense in trying

2. strange things | abigail washburn & the sparrow quartet
well, ships are sinking in the ocean
planes are having collusions in the air
well, people, you may not believe it
but there's something wrong somewhere

3. where have all your good words gone | laura gibson
where have all your good words gone
where have all your mercies gone?
oh, when did all your bones start to bend?

4. o death | jen titus
no wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold
nothing satisfies me but your sou

5. barton hollow | the civil wars
miles and miles in my bare feet
atill can't lay me down to sleep
if I die before I wake
I know the Lord my soul won't take

6. ten men | david mallett
ten men in black hats
on a cold, cold night
ten black cars sat idling
in the glow of the red daylight
ten men with black hearts
cutting up the spoils

7. pharaoh | crooked still
farewell, children, I sure must leave you

8. sickle and hood | brown bird
two young lovers wandered into the woods
and Death come a trailin' behind
the young boy bit the sickle of the big black hood
while his lover just laid down and cried

9. believer | viva voce
there's nothing I can do
to keep me safe from you

10. beat the devil's tattoo | black rebel motorcycle club
there is no peace here
war is never cheap, dear

11. john the revelator | ollabelle
who's that writing?
john the revelator
the book of the seven seals

12. annabelle lee | sarah jarosz
for many years I've wandered through this kingdom by the sea
I've laid myself beside the bones of the beautiful Annabelle Lee

13. rocks and water | deb talan
seven times I went down
six times I walked back
and I don't fear the dark anymore
because I've become all that, all that

14. god's gonna cut you down | johnny cash
go tell that long tongue liar
go and tell that midnight rider
tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down

15. cold as it gets | patty griffin
I know a cold as cold as it gets
I know a darkness that's darker than cold
a wind that blows as cold as it gets
blew out the light in my soul

16. darkness, darkness | richard shindell
darkness, darkness, long and lonesome
is the day that brings me here
I have felt the edge of silence
I have known the depths of fear

17. the night pt. 2 | the builders & the butchers
he's a man with a funeral song to sing
the night ain't filled with gentle things

18. dead end alley | bill elm & woody jackson

the night ain't filled with gentle things (.rar)

♫: "cold as it gets", patty griffin
the anachronist

    “I am Janet,” she said, “and that’s all you’ll have from me — no true name by which to bind me. But I know you, so there’s no use in hiding — Young Tam-Lin, eater of souls, sorcerer-lord.” She set her stinging hands against her hips and added, “You’re not what I expected.”

Carterhaugh was mostly a ruin, stones leaning against moss-covered stones, a crumbling, odd place open to sun and wind.Collapse )
♫: "your wish is my wish", sarah slean
the anachronist
26 January 2011 @ 12:49 am
Some time ago, I promised barefoottomboy a mix of soothing instrumentals for those times when you feel lost, or unable to think clearly, or simply need to study. I tried to select songs that are both comforting (nothing that sounds too sad, I hope, and nothing ragged-edged or very dark) and interesting, the kinds of songs that tell little wordless stories in your head, follow the notes and melodies deep into thought and imagination. I've split it in two parts: Morning, which is warmer, a little busier, a little more golden, for breakfasting and daydreaming and gently waking, more guitar and violin and cello; and Evening, bluer-toned songs, gentler and softer, mostly piano-centred, for slipping into sleep and starlit reveries.


1. legions (reverie) | zoë keating
2. human orchestra | mark bradshaw
3. suite no. 1 in g for solo cello: prelude | johann sebastian bach
4. flower duet | léo debiles
5. waltz of the flowers (string quartet) | pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky
6. joy and simple gifts | john williams
7. jesu joy of man's desiring | druidstone
8. a kazakh melody | abigail washburn & the sparrow quartet
9. scarlet threads and silver needles | the owl service and alison o'donnell
10. angie | bert jansch
11. milkwhite sheets | isobel campbell
12. the road ahead | sarah meholick
13. the swell season | the swell season
14.| andrew bird
15. lille (instrumental version) | lisa hannigan



1. waking hour | vienna teng
2. emer's dream | colm mac con iomaire
3. polly's dress | hem
4. comtine d'un autre ete: l'apres midi | yann tiersen
5. dancing close again (in karin's warm kitchen) | linford detweiler
6. tyme | akira kosemura
7. ljósið | ólafur arnalds
8. we put a pearl in the ground | st. vincent
9. reverie | claude debussy
10. 1983 | danny norbury
11. night: snow | george winston
12. nocturne no.1 in b flat major | frédéric chopin
13. opus 36 | dustin o'halloran
14. from gardens where we feel secure | virginia astley
15. my dream of you | solas
♫: "tyme", akira kosemura
the anachronist
17 January 2011 @ 10:37 pm
Sometimes in her sleep she can hear singing, wild and deep, like water and stone. Morgana, S2.

Alternate title: Jo is deeply, deeply pissed off at the Merlin writers for their treatment of Morgana (girl in anguish is denied answers by the only people who know what's happening to her for stupid selfish reasons and they are (and by extension we are supposed to be) horrified and morally outraged when she turns violently against them? okay then) and passive-agressively exorcises her feelings through strange vignettes.

♫: "poison & wine", the civil wars
the anachronist
He does not comprehend her dreams. Ysidro watches Lydia Asher, c. Travelling With the Dead.

Written for Yuletide 2010, for SarahT. Er, yes, I wrote TWOtN fic two years in a row. I'd be garnering a reputation did this fandom consist of more than, like, seven people.
♫: "gnossienne no. 1", erik satie
the anachronist
November: grey and brown and cobalt; goose-calls and rain and tiny bright snowflakes; black trees and still-warm winds and the rustle of leaves underfoot. My usual autumn mix was slow in coming together, and thus it transformed into a quieter, candlelight-and-grey-days mixtape, songs for the colder weather and shorter days, stretching slowly towards winter.

♫: "acres of ground", eliza carthy
the anachronist
Late summer -- fiery, brooding, and heavy with anticipation. Summer thunderstorms are some of my favourite weather: weird, fey, dark weather, in which anything could happen, and the world is alive. This is a mix for dark skies and high winds and heavy hot air cut apart by rain: and then, the aftermath. (It is also full of cellos: as if I needed an excuse.)

it's the sigh of wild electricity.Collapse )
♫: "firebird's child", s.j. tucker