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30 November 2010 @ 01:38 pm
mix: the sound of the stars and the night owls (songs for autumn's end)  
November: grey and brown and cobalt; goose-calls and rain and tiny bright snowflakes; black trees and still-warm winds and the rustle of leaves underfoot. My usual autumn mix was slow in coming together, and thus it transformed into a quieter, candlelight-and-grey-days mixtape, songs for the colder weather and shorter days, stretching slowly towards winter.

1. whistling through the graveyard - ali helnwein


2. this fall - the duhks
this fall they all fall all around me
they're pairing up, preparing for the cold to come
they cling and dangle at each other's side
not keen on letting air flow by

3. adam's three-step - the duhks

4. acres of ground - eliza carthy
four, four, between the bed and and the door
there was acres of ground I'd not seen there before

5. rambling man - laura marling
let it always be known that I was who I am

6. woman king - iron & wine
hundred years, hundred more
someday we may see
a woman king, sword in hand
swing at some evil and bleed

7. soldier's waltz - olenka & the autumn lovers
and your voice is stronger than most
raised in a toast to longing

8. my lodging it is on the cold ground - the magickal folk of the faraway tree
still I cry oh turn love turn
pretty love, turn to me

9. pistachio - lisa hannigan
i know you're weighed down
fed up with your heavy
your boots laced with melacholy
notions all your own

10. awake my soul - mumford & sons
in these bodies we will live
in these bodies we will die
where you invest your love
you invest your life

11. the road ahead - sarah meholick

12. autumn lullaby - natalie merchant
the sun has gone from the shining skies
the dandelions have closed their eyes
the stars are lighting their lamps to see
see if babes and squirrels and birds and bees
are sound asleep as they should be

13. enchanted - patrick wolf
the orchard is leaning her boughs
to hear our laughter

14. your song - ellie goulding
how wonderful life is
now you're in the world

15. farewell farewell - ruth notman
farewell, farewell
to you who would hear
you lonely travellers all
the cold north wind will blow again
the winding road does call

16. annachie gordon - the unthanks
he'd entice any woman and so he has done me
never will i forget my love, annachie

17. reel a bouche - john mccutcheon

18. new thrift store dress - linford detweiler
♫: "acres of ground", eliza carthy
Sarah: walkingburningstarsxe on December 1st, 2010 03:04 am (UTC)