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the anachronist
For my sister, who just turned three -- beautiful, strange songs that will hopefully give her dreams of becoming a dragon-slaying adventuress when she grows up. These songs are not in any especial narrative order -- some are about adventure, others are there to paint the world.

This is for you, too. Go out: go do something transcendant, something amazing.

but I still have my secret weapon: this, my brave and hopeful heart.Collapse )
♫: "feet of courage", nancy elizabeth
the anachronist
16 January 2010 @ 06:25 pm

Nick and Alan, after the end and the beginning. Major spoilers for The Demon's Lexicon. (No, really. If you're planning to read this book -- and if you aren't, put it on your to-do list forthwith! -- do not read this fic, or I may have to hurt you.) Written for Lise for Yuletide.

They go home.Collapse )
♫: "kettle drum (i left a note)", pale young gentlemen
the anachronist

For Jaela, for Yuletide. (Fun fact: I know Jaela through Twitter, and cackled evilly when I found her prompts on the Yuletide Madness list.) 

Somewhere, beneath the gauze of layers wrapped round and round her soul, she has a steady centre. She doesn't always know what it is, what it means, only that no matter who she is, it thrums inside of her like a heartbeat.Collapse )
♫: "go easy little doves, i'll be fine", brooke waggoner
the anachronist
He supposes that they have accrued so many unaccountable debts between them that they cannot help but stumble against each other's worlds, blurring lines that ought to remain fixed. For Ysidro, Lydia, and James, the lines between worlds are never quite the same.

Written for Mojave Dragonfly, for Yuletide. Also: one of my favourite small fandoms ever. Pls to be more fic? 

♫: "gravity", vienna teng
the anachronist
28 October 2009 @ 01:31 pm
It's NaNoWriMo season! Which means... mixtapes. Lots and lots of mixtapes. Chocolate, coffee, and mixtapes are what got me through NaNo last year. This one would be, I suppose, the third in a now-trilogy of Mixes For My Novel, along with That Light and Absolution. Good heavens.

In this world, as the shadow of war falls unseen over 1913 England, the vampires are not quite human. They remember, but they do not understand. They taste memories in the blood but can never tell if they are seeing the future or the past or things that never were. They have tunnelled a secret city beneath London, and cobbled their own crumbling culture out of thousands of pasts and half-understood memories and the husks of their human selves. These are weird, desolate, decaying songs, full of odd forgotten instruments, strangeness and wondering.

so when the dark takes over, don't you worry, dearCollapse )
♫: "lyke wake dirge", steeleye span
the anachronist
In the spirit of this, my creativity journal, I bring you... music. Yes indeed. In order to pay off my bank debt and work on a plan to strike out on my own, I've come up with a radical plan that might as well be described as "busking on the internet". I'm writing, arranging, and recording songs (or dusting off, arranging, and recording songs -- traditional ballads for the win!), and putting them up for everyone to hear. You download the songs, enjoy, and pay whatever you think it's worth (there's a useful PayPal donation button). If you can't afford to pay, just enjoy the music. I'm posting two songs this week -- one's already up, the other will go up this weekend -- and, starting Sunday, one song every day for a week.Thanks for listening!

come_all_ye at livejournal dot com
♫: "sweet thames flow softly", the magickal folk of the faraway tree
the anachronist
16 October 2009 @ 11:27 am
September, October, November -- sharp and alive with slanting sunlight, brisk strange winds, low golden moons, riots of colour on the hillsides. There are goblins among the trees, and even in the city, the old magic is lifting its head. These are songs for harvest moons, for abandoned orchards in the late afternoon, for old saltworn houses on the shore as the sky darkens, for the child in her red woollen sweater with a branch for a sword and leaves for a crown, roaming out to conquer the world.

they say the tardy fruit's a fuller wine.Collapse )
♫: "cinnamon sea", lisa o piu