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i am full of love & consequence;

the anachronist
17 June 1990
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the et cetera journal of faeriemaiden: writing, photography, mixes, ephemera, madness.

sometimes I post chapters of my (possibly forever) in-progress Novel. those are friends' only; friend if you're interested.

the artist formerly known as _plentyofpaper.
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alliteration, amicable bickering romance, angel, autumn, avant-garde, barbara hambly's vampire novels, battlestar galactica, being a librarian, being human, books with pretty covers, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cellos!, cinematography, commas, creating the perfect mix, cursing joss whedon's name, dancing in the kitchen, dirge without music, doctor who, dollhouse, eavesdropping, edna st. vincent millay, edwardiana, emily of new moon, emily's flash, etymology, eva ibbotson, extremely long parenthetical remarks, fairy tales, fanfiction, fanmixes, fictional linguistic structures, field recordings, filmmaking, firefly, folklore, gaslamp fantasy, geekery, gothic novels, hair dye, harry potter, harvest moons, incessantly quoting t.s. eliot, intense long-lens focusing, j. alfred prufrock, joe wright, jonathan strange & mr.norrell, language, librarian glasses, lighting candles, linguistics, lord of the rings, madeleine l'engle, mae crawford pwning everyone, mira nair, mixes, music nobody's heard of, musical saw improves everything, mythology, october, orson scott card, phantasmagoria, photography, poetry, pointy black pens, psychology, punctuation reform, pushing daisies, remus/tonks, retellings, robin mckinley, rosemary sutcliffe, run-on sentences, science, science=magic=miracle, semi-colons, sherlock, speculative fiction, steampunk, story, supernatural, surrealism, t.s. eliot, tam-lin, the demon's lexicon, the dresden files, the house carpenter ballad, the nature of story, the vampire diaries, too many semi-colons, traditional ballads, unusual instruments, vampires, veronica mars, victoriana, werewolves, werewoozles, wes/fred, wesley wyndham-pryce (♥!), words, writing herself out, writing lists